Pearl River is a small very close knit town in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana right outside of Slidell. According to the 2010 census the population was around 2,506.

The community that is today Pearl River was first known as Hallo, a moniker it reputedly garnered from loggers yelling to one another as they labored along the Pearl River. Early Halloo was a small railroad town, located at the junction of the Northeastern and Poitevent and Favre’s East Louisiana Railroads. In 1886 a train station was constructed at the site, and two years later Samuel R. Poitevent established the first store in the village. The community’s name was first changed from Halloo to Pearl, then Pearlville, and eventually to its current name Pearl River in 1888, after the train station built in the town.

On July 13, 1898, the 200 citizens of Pearl River voted to petition the state of Louisiana to incorporate the town as the “Village of Pearl River”, a request that was granted almost a decade later, on May 24, 1906, by governor Newton Blanchard with G.W. Fuller as the first mayor. The village slowly modernized over the course of the next half century. In 1935 it acquired the land for a courthouse and a town hall ten years later. In 1964, the village insignia was replaced, as the newly minted “town” laid claim to about 1,500 residents, and by 2010 the population had grown to over 2500.

Today according to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 3.6 square miles and median household income of $31,296. Pearl River is a great alternative for someone who would like to live in a more rural setting but have the modern convinces of a metro area with it being only minutes from Slidell.

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